Antonio Puri, Lengua Negra Doble, Acrylics on Jute, 216 cm X 290 cm X 138 cm, 2018. Instagram: @abstract_nomadic_artist


Antonio Puri was born in Chandigarh and raised in the Himalayas where he attended English and International boarding schools. He received his training from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and Coe College in Iowa for a bachelors degree in Art and later earned a JD degree from the University of Iowa.

Antonio's practice is a journey of unravelling: the constructs of self and the perceptions of others. His work seeks to reconnect identity and individuality with oneness, an exploration which is layered over tinkering with elements of his eastern roots and western experiences. The results are multilayered and complex with veneers, glazes, varnishes of emotions, transgressions, singularity, obsession, and enigma. He embraces the possibility that we can exist in a world free from labels.

Antonio showed work in a solo exhibition in 2012.

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Antonio gives speech at San Felipe Art Space Opening in Bogotá

Tapestries at Antonio's solo exhibition in Singapore

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