2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts 1st Division with Distinction 2004 (with Miniature as a Major subject) National College of Arts,Lahore,Pakistan 2003 Merit Scholarship National College of Arts, Lahore,Pakistan 2004 Distinction in Thesis Project (Titled "Banjara Nama") 2005 Ustad Haji Sharif Award (in Miniature Painting).

Artist Statement
My work is about visual expression. In my recent work I have tried to develop my own visual vocabulary to articulate my visual expression. Making a transformation of image is an important part of my work and that is why I have used traditional iconography derived from traditional historical miniatures and transform it in another visual expression. I also juxtaposed and superimposed the two different images from different times of past and present to questioning about the exploitation of tradition.

"MINIATURE: The Old & The New" by Salwat Ali
"Power of the Kingmaker" by Quddus Mirza
"Talents Old and New"  by Marjorie Husain
"Novelty and Diversity" by Salwat Ali
"Making their presence felt" by Marjorie Husain
"A Subtle Rendition" by Vikas Harish
"Three Narratives" by Salima Hashmi
"Miniature Aesthetics" by Amra Ali
"Exploring Miniature" by Salwat Ali
"Contemporary Miniature" by Quddus Mirza
"Craft for us" by Quddus Mirza
"Tradition and Modernity" by Salwat Ali
"Exploring contemporary miniature techniques" by Atteqa Ali

Solo Shows
2008 "Narration & Transformation" Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi

2-Person Shows
2007 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi

3-Person Shows
2007 "Back From Future", Chantal HELENBECK, Nice
2007 "Miniature contemporaine de Pakistan”, Galerie CHAPPE, Paris

Selected Group Shows
2009 "Group Show", Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad
2009 "Group Show 2009", Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore
2008 "The Kohinoor Selection", Art gems of the sub-continent, Unicorn Gallery, Dubai
2008 "Contemporary Miniatures", ArtScene Galleries, Karachi
2008 "South Asian Art", Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad
2008 "Colours of Paradise", Contemporary Art from Pakistan, The Omani Society of Fine Arts, Muscat
2008 "From Pakistan With Love", Musee de Marrakech, Morocco
2007 "Indus Strokes", The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Mumbai
2007 "IS", Gallery 27, London
2007 Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad
2007 “6th Annual Miniature Show”, Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad
2006 Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi
2006 “Transcending Borders”, ITC Mourya Sheraton, Dehli
2005 “Wasli”, Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore
2005 “A Wider Perspective”, CrowEaters Gallery, Lahore
2005 Aichi Art Fair, Japan
2005 Kyoto Museam, Japan
2005 Kunj Art Gallery, Karachi
2005 "Transformation", Al-Hamra Gallery, Lahore
2004 "Banjara Nama", Thesis Exhibition, National College of Arts, Lahore
2004 “Ustad and Shagird”, National College of Arts, Lahore