Muhammad Atif Khan, Point of view, Hand-stamping with ink on traditional floral border
32cm x 46cm, 2013. Instagram: @atifkhan.artist


Muhammad Atif Khan (b.1972, Pakistan) is a contemporary Pakistani artist whose work interweaves Islamic miniature painting with geometric designs and popular culture. Khan creates mysterious narratives through his juxtapositions of Mughal-era figures within mandala-like landscapes. Born in 1972 in Sahiwal, Pakistan, he studied at the National College of Arts in Lahore and went on to receive printmaking residencies in both London and Glasgow. The artist currently lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. Today, Khan’s works are held in the collections of the Devi Art Foundation in New Delhi, the Bradford Museum in the United Kingdom, and the Darat al Funun in Amman, Jordan, among others.

Atif showed work with Damon Kowarsky in a duo exhibit HYBRID in 2013.

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Atif shows Ferdowsi’s Shanameh group exhibition in Tehran