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Twelve Gates is delighted to present Philadelphia-based artist Antonio Puri's latest series, Chakra, in his solo show. Puri utilizes symbols, forms, and spatial concern as a means to express his need for universality. Drawing inspiration from the unity between the microscopic and the macrocosmic, his process is a personal expression of a questioning how he fits into the universe as an artist and creator.

He asks, "is my existence a microcosm within the universe or do I make art that transcends individuality to connect with Oneness?" (Artist statement, 2012) His work is designed to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown ~ he intentionally uses a variety of materials and techniques to reveal what otherwise might get covered up , or be considered as clashing, to show a greater harmony.

Born in Chandigarh, India, Puri has shown internationally since 1999, to critical acclaim. He is consciously interested in "comparing connections between [his] eastern roots and [his] western experiences. Working in the abstract, his art mirrors his conviction of the possibility of and longing to "exist in a world free from labels." Twelve Gates Arts is enthusiastic about having him back once again ~ he has previously participated in the group shows Art4Barter (2010) and Organics (2011).