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Artist Workshop: Calligraphy with Khalil Chishtee


Participants experience the unique opportunity to explore traditional and contemporary Urdu calligraphy presented by Khalil Chishtee.

Khalil Chishtee

Khalil Chishtee is a New York based artist. Before moving to the States he taught at National College of Arts, Lahore, for ten years. Chishtee has exhibited internationally in Pakistan, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kenya and the UK and other places. Titles of the exhibitions in which he has participated reveal the nature of his work: "Toys Are Us," "Sultan and slave in single file stood side by side," "No-Knock," "I love you," "Drop your drawers," "City lights." His current work mines the ubiquitous plastic bag in the unlikeliest of ways. Using strong yet slight material, he has created figures with sculptural precision and great attention to detail. Though his creations look light and fluid they are intense; evoking our physical and emotional vulnerability with a piercing sensibility of human condition.