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12g Salon

#HOOKED is the latest installation by Pakistani-American artist/activist Saks Afridi. The initiative addresses the sugar pandemic in the United States, positing that sugar has been marketed to millions of people in an exploitative fashion much like cigarettes were famously. Most recently, Afridi collaborated with French artist JR's Inside Out project to create #NotABugSplat, an installation of a extremely large portrait in a field in northern Pakistan. That campaign received attention all over the world, raising awareness about the inhumanity of drone strikes. 

Rukhsana Hasib, novelist and Huffington Post blogger, will read from her book 'Shadows in the Sun' about the struggles of one woman against gender inequality, sex slavery, and other human rights issues. 

Sameena Mughal will read from her first book 'Shaherazade's Daughters', a collection of original stories, inspired by her ESL students' stories. Sameena, originally from Landsdale, is a freelance writer and a teacher, a daughter of immigrants who came to the United States from Uganda in 1972. 

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