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12G Salon - Presence' Tense - Butcher Shop - Juneer Kibria

Presence' Tense will be dismantled in a pseudo-performative public de-installation piece on January 17th. The public is welcomed to participate and observe the reduction of the art pieces from sculptures to commodity portions. 

Presence' Tense was a six week presentation of surprisingly modular concrete pillaresque sculptures, monumentally installed in the gallery, with no structural function. Using the butcher shop as a metaphor, these Habra Jabra sculptures built with building blocks from similarly useless but common materials will be slaughtered, quartered and cut down to their co-modifiable re-purposeful, re-thinkable and reducible basic parts. The pillars much like a full cow is slaughtered, quartered and sold piece by piece - reducing the installation down to its basic parts and sold off by weight and choice, much like ribs, shanks, steak and chuck are sold at grocery stores and restaurants. 

The artist will take down the show, in specific sequence with the aid of two assistants (Atif F. Sheikh and Mir Masud-Elias) 

Audience members can select which cylinder they would like to purchase after inspection. The cylinder will then be weighed and then wrapped in butcher paper. The weight will be written on the butcher paper and given to the buyer. The price of each cylinder will range from $30.00 - $50.00. Audience member can select an entire pillar at market price.