#BLM@12G Masterminding Our Ordered Rage

Third Workshop: Thursday, January 26th,
6:00 - 8:00PM
    May 5 - June 24, 2017
    First Workshop: Tuesday September 20th, 630PM
    Second Workshop: Monday October 24th, 600PM
    Third Workshop: Thursday January 26th, 600PM

Participating Artists (+ donates collaborations)

Chuck Alston, Lynda Grace, Sarah R. Bloom + Mir (“Mehrin”) Masud-Elias, Daisy Rockwell, Bryan DeProspero + Mostafa Darwish, Sean Plaskett + Atif F. Sheikh, Farha Najah, Saba Taj, Fabian Rush, Amina Ahmed, Maryanne Pollock, Chetana Narasimha Jois, Charles Burwell, Sumeshwar Sharma, Komail Aijazuddin, Amol K. Patil

In May 2017, to acknowledge, affirm and support “the critical role that Black lives and struggles for Black liberation have played in inspiring and anchoring, through practice and theory, social movements for the liberation of all people” as expressed by the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Twelve Gates Arts -- a Philadelphia-based South Asian arts nonprofit -- will host performances and an art exhibition by South Asian/American or Desi and Black artists paired in groups across multiple disciplines a result of a series of moderated workshops.
 Inspired by Yolanda Wisher's poem "From Imhotep's Kundalini", the artists participating in this Art Intervention will explore from diverse angles and mediums the devastating American landscape strewn with the detritus of Black lives. It is this same landscape of systematic yet coolly indifferent state violence against Black people that generations of South Asian Americans also call home, immigrant and non-immigrant. #BLM@12G hopes to unflinchingly explore the concrete differences in "context, experience and oppression" in the various Black and Desi lives at stake by examining the ways in which we collectively participate in [anti-Black racism], even unintentionally" and by exploring the interplay between #BLM and other social justice movements in the South Asian context.