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Our Stories: QTPOC Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is a topic many POC struggle to talk about. POC are often looked down upon for seeking out, needing, or using mental health services. Some communities believe mental illness is only for white people and some even vilify expressing it. However, we know there is a need for mental wellness services for POC communities. We want POC to know and understand that it is okay to look for mental health services, it is ok to ask for support and it is ok to want to be ok. Qunify wants to make space for folks that are willing and able to share their stories about their personal mental wellness journey. Whether they are good or bad, we want to hear about people’s interactions with mental wellness service providers, discussions within their communities, and management of their own mental wellness.

This event is 18+ and will be a non-alcoholic space. If you are a POC and would like to share your story at the event, please email us at Please include a two sentence introduction of yourself. Each story should be 5-7 minutes long. We only have time for about 6-7 speakers, so we will add folks to the schedule on a first come, first serve basis. Please submit your requests as soon as you can!