Twelve Gates Arts presents a collection of works examining aspects of the contemporary experience of immigrants in the United States. The artists included have all studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and have all emigrated from the Middle East. Feelings of being alienated, controversies surrounding political views, identity conflicts, cultural traditions, and religious conflicts are all themes present in the works. The pieces in the show can be seen as a discussion of how the artists express cultural issues through their subjective experiences. Some of those issues are manipulated by either media or politics, and the artists have noticed instances when even the current art market has reshaped and distorted artistic narratives to suit a geographical audience and political climate. 

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Through a unique and thought-provoking atmosphere,
Twelve Gates Arts aims to showcase international, multidisciplinary arts
bound by the sensibilities of a diasporic identity.

We seek to create and promote projects in our community
that cross geographic and cultural boundaries.