Back to the future

History and contemporary art in the middle east, north africa, and south Asia

Curated by Atteqa Ali

Ali Cherri | Susan Hefuna | Hasnat Mehmood | Risham Syed

Oct 6 - Nov 11, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, October 6th, 630 - 830pm

The group exhibition considers the work of artists from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia that addresses the enduring presence of the past. History is not something that is simply from long ago, safely tucked away like a box of old things in a storage room. It does not remain hidden until we look through those objects and pictures containing so many memories. Instead it is all around us, cluttering our daily existence. In formerly colonized or occupied areas of the world, the previous rulers continue to impact life there albeit in transformed ways. They carry on like ghosts in the machine. Oftentimes they are given more significance than the current residents. By acknowledging the past, the artists in Back to the Future offer new images of a bygone era in order to shed light on contemporary times. 

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