Amol K. Patil, Hand, Ceramic Mold, 2017. Instagram:  @amolkpatil

Amol K. Patil, Hand, Ceramic Mold, 2017. Instagram: @amolkpatil


Amol K Patil (b. 1987), is a conceptual and performance artist based in Mumbai. He has shown his work across the globe, most recently inn Paris, Lelsinki, Lagos, and Glasgow. Patil considers his practice an ever-reaching attempt to recapture the vibrating movement and sound of the ‘chawl’ architecture in which he grew up. Chawl is a form of five-story social housing for mill and factory workers built in the early 1900s, tenements fit close together, long verandas connecting the sounds of family life: from the children running on floorboards above, to the gossiping voices from dimly lit karom boards, the sound of termites eating into wood, wedding festivities, and rhythmically creaking beds. He honors his father and grandfather, both performance artists who leveraged theater and song to organize for social equity through caste abolition

Amol showed work in a solo exhibition, Black Boys Look Blue in July 2017

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