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Salaam Bombay: Beauty & Chaos in the Urban Environment

The upcoming exhibition at Twelve Gates Arts comes from independent curator, Jasmine Wahi. The show, which took original inspiration from Mira Nairʼs 1988 film, reaches beyond the specificity of Mumbai as a place, investigating different facets of “the city” in general. In December, Wahiʼs Salaam Bombay was featured in ART ASIA Presents, the curatorial and educational program at the premier International Asian art fair, ART ASIA in Miami.

The exhibition offers audiences various perspectives from which to understand different layers of a city—from its physical nature, to the social, or collective, human element, as well as the individualʼs navigation of urban space. Through the experience and expression of artists from the Middle East & South Asia, the show offers a personal, yet nonpartisan, presentation of the city.
About the curator: Jasmine Wahi is a New York City-based curator and cofounder Of Project for Empty Space, a nonprofit arts organization that is dedicated to bringing contemporary art to communities through the use of abandoned and unusual urban spaces. Ms. Wahi currently serves on the board of directors of the South Asian Womenʼs Creative Collective (SAWCC).
Participating artists: Samira Abbassy | Jaishri Abichandani | Amina Ahmed | Fariba S. Alam | Sama Alshaibi | Shelly Bahl | Anjali Bhargava | Marcy Chevali | Ruby Chishti | Chitra Ganesh | Tanya Goel | Sadia Jamal | Leila Lal | Swati Khurana | Tayeba Lipi | Divya Mehra | Huma Mulji | Saʼdia Rehman | Hiba Schahbaz | Soody Sharifi

Earlier Event: November 2
Later Event: March 1