Ruby Chishti, untitled, mixed-media sculpture, 2012. Instagram: @rubychishti2019


Ruby Chishti is a sculptor who was born and lived much of her life in Pakistan before moving to the United States. She earned a BFA at the National College of Arts in Lahore; she also trained in sculpture and bronze casting at El Dorado Center in Placerville and at Art Foundry Gallery in Sacramento, respectively. Her practice is informed by the experience of caring for her paralyzed mother for a decade after graduating from art school during the repressive regime of Zia-ul-Haq. When Chishti resumed her practice she began using materials from the home, like fabric, and processes considered as mundane, or craft, probably in reaction to the societal and situational restrictions she experienced in her life. She stated that these materials and processes were the only things that could express her visual voice, which has a humble, Sufi- influenced tone.

Ruby showed her work in a 2015 solo exhibit, We Leave, We Never Leave, We Return Endlessly.

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Chishti Announced Artist in Residence at Cornell University