Susana Marin , Shiva Lingam,  Gouache on Vasli, 2016, 11" x 14"

Susana Marin, Shiva Lingam, Gouache on Vasli, 2016, 11" x 14"


Susana Marin is a practicing artist and visiting tutor at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London. Her research focuses on archetypes of feminine beauty in the Pahari painting tradition. Her PhD dissertation, The Living Tradition of Pahari Painting: an artist's exploration of the continuity of Guler and Kangra painting though fieldwork investigation of materials, techniques, form, and aesthetic content in present-day studio practice, critically analysed the current context of Pahari painting practice, combining academic research with extensive fieldwork and apprenticeship in studios of Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan.


Art Now Pakistan Review: Labor of Love

Marin teaches Kangra Style Painting